Fundraising Strategy


Don’t Ever Forget the Basics

Yoav Kaufman 03/02/2010

Just saw this really funny video via Jeff Brooks Future Fundraising Now Blog. Jeff points out in his “Turns out disasters aren’t especially funny” post that a well known celeb picking up your cause…

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Who’s The Target Audience?

Yoav Kaufman 02/25/2010

Who should non-profits be targeting first for donations and membership offers? “Nonprofits should (first) be targeting people who have benefited from their services,†says Sargeant, whose latest book on the subject, “Fundraising: Principles and…

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That’s It?

Yoav Kaufman 02/18/2010

“The average consumer receives 24.7 pieces of mail per week. That’s the fourth straight year that shows a drop in volume, a 5.7 percent drop compared to the heydays of 2005 and 2006 (which…

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Direct Mail “Quotes”

Yoav Kaufman 02/09/2010

Denny Hatch has been in the marketing industry 50+ years and I tend to think that he’s one of the foremost experts in the field of direct mail marketing. These are a few of…

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Email Marketing Tip of the Day

Yoav Kaufman 02/04/2010

“Put a date in the subject line. Having a date or specific time period in the subject line generates increases in open rates of 39 percent, Schwedelson said. “By adding a sense of urgency,…

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Snail Mail – Not Dead Yet

Yoav Kaufman 01/21/2010

At least according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal. They call it Snail Mail in the article, a term that I have come to loathe, but am willing to overlook when…

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Checkless Fundraising?

Yoav Kaufman 12/19/2009

From: the Agitator Blog By Tom Belford December 18, 2009 “In a comment on The Agitator, Jim Toscano of the Minneapolis Heart Foundation says that checks will no longer be used in Britain in…

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