List Management

List management is the marketing and promotion of your house list to the direct mail community. Your list can be a source of substantial income if rented out wisely, while list management for exchanges can substantially reduce your mailing costs. You maintain complete control over the process, and your list is never rented or exchanged without your express written approval.

Negev Direct Marketing’s approach to list management emphasizes a pro-active marketing method. We do not view our role as that of “order takers,” as do many list management companies. We know from experience that tests can be sold and continuations increased by intensive marketing techniques skillfully applied.

We have an obligation to our clients to function as an efficient, professional sales organization. Strong sales efforts backed by honest, reliable service are the key points of our list management principles.

Each method has various capabilities, advantages, weaknesses and costs. We will suggest the most effective and cost-efficient combination to you based on our analysis of your house file.

At Negev Direct Marketing, our clients always come first. If they do well, so do we. We seek to establish a win-win situation with each of our list management clients rather than optimize our own profits at their expense.

Our pledge: at Negev Direct Marketing we will never put our own financial interests ahead of those of our clients. We have a special fiduciary responsibility towards our management clients, and we back this up in practice.

Our goal: maximize your list rental revenues while keeping the administrative headaches often associated with list management to a minimum.

The result: complete client satisfaction.

List Rental Revenue

Following any order for your list, Negev Direct Marketing will bill the broker or mailer and follow up for payment. Payments for list rentals are then forwarded to you per specific contract requirements.

List rental revenue payments are made on a quarterly basis, within 30 days of the close of a quarter. For example, 1st quarter payments, covering rentals from January 1 through March 31, are paid out by April 30. If you require a different arrangement due to fiscal considerations, we will be pleased to accommodate your needs.

Our financial policies ensure you of timely list rental revenue payments. Our credit policies are designed to encourage quick payment for all list rentals, and we are aggressive about following up late pays.

In addition, Negev Direct Marketing offers you the additional security of a protected list revenue account. All proceeds from list rentals, minus broker and management commissions, are placed directly into an escrowed bank account. Unlike most other list companies, we never use your earnings for our own operating account.

The standard distribution of list rental revenue is as follows: 20% of gross revenue is always set aside as the broker’s commission. The list manager claims an additional 10%. The remaining 70%, less the computer charges associated with running orders for your list, is your list rental revenue.

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