Frequently Asked Questions

Click on a green underlined list in the mailing list area and you will be able to view the details of that particular list.


Most lists are rented at a “per thousand names rate.” This is indicated by the abbreviation “M” after the price. (Ex: $95/M)

Some lists rent at a one-time flat price for the entire list. This is indicated by the abbreviation “F” after the price. (Ex: $1,250/F)

“Exchange only” means that the list is not available for rental, but will exchange for an equal number of names. The exchange fee is $15/M ($75 minimum).

“FR” indicates a special fundraising rate. When available, this will be noted just to the right of the regular price.

Many email lists have pricing marked as “Inquire”. This is because email list quantities and pricing are updated daily. To get the most current pricing and qty on an email list, please call or email us.

Please note: All list rental prices are subject to change without notice.


Email: $75 flat per list
FTP: $75 flat per list

Minimum Orders

The minimum order size on most lists is 5,000 names

Turn Around Times

Please allow from 2-7 days for your order to be processed and shipped.


Payment is due 30 days from the stated mail date.
All email list orders must be pre-paid via PayPal with a 4% PayPal charge added.
All new clients must pre-pay.


Orders canceled after the stated mail date will require payment in full. Orders canceled prior to mail date will be billed a cancellation fee of $50 plus computer running charges, materials, and shipping.

List Rental Agreement

View the List Rental Agreement

The list market is similar to the stock market. All brokers have access to the same lists and prices are uniform for every broker. There are no special prices or exclusive lists. Working with Negev Direct allows you to take advantage of our extensive experience in the Jewish market while using one-stop shopping for all of your direct mail needs: writing, design, data processing, printing, letter shop, list management and brokerage all from one reliable source.

A list manager works on behalf of the list owner to rent the owner’s list. A list broker works on behalf of the mailer to find the best lists for their mailing.

No. Most mailing lists are rented on a one-time use only basis. There are several lists that are available for multiple-use, but they are an exception. Email and telemarketing lists are also for rental only and not for sale.

Every list order from Negev Direct is “seeded” with decoy names that allow us to monitor usage of the list.

Yes. People who respond through a donation or a purchase automatically become part of your own mailing list.

Some lists are available for both rental and exchange. Other lists are for rental or exchange only. When you rent a list, you pay a base price per thousand names for one-time use of that list. When you exchange a list, both organizations agree to exchange an equal number of names for one-time use. Although exchanging is much less expensive than renting, it is not free, and there are small service fees.

The minimum is the smallest amount of names that you can order from any one list. It is usually 5,000 names. In the case of lists with less than 5,000 names, the minimum order is the entire list. Minimums apply to each individual list and cannot be combined.

List owners rightfully insist on seeing a sample of what you are mailing. Their decision to rent the list to you is based on several factors, including the content and competitiveness of your mail piece. is a resource for the Jewish marketing community. We list all commercially available Jewish mailing, email & telemarketing lists here.

You can view a managed list’s usage history by clicking on the specific managed list and then clicking on “View usage history.” Please note, you cannot view the usage history on all the lists on our website.

Getting the creative approved: You provide the HTML content you want to be emailed out and we get it cleared with the email list(s) owners to make sure they are OK with your campaign. 

Content & creative format requirements: An HTML file (not the code itself) with the links active and the images hosted, sent to us as an attachment to an email is best of course.  We can also modify a JPG, GIF, PSD, PDF although quality may not be as clear as HTML.

We will send you a few examples of the format we need on request.

Email design size requirements: There are no fixed sizes (for almost any email list), however we recommend: width: 600 – 1000 pixels + length: any length but we suggest no more than 1,000 pixels.

Subject line: You give us the subject line you want at this point too.

Test email: A test email goes out and if it’s approved, we lock in the date for the final campaign. If the test needs changes, that’s usually up to you and your team to change as needed so it looks and functions as it should and re-send us a new copy then a new test will be sent.

Final send: The final email is sent by the list owner. The list owner will never give out their list for you or us to send.

Stats report: 2 to 3 days after your email is sent, you receive a stats report with stats such as: delivery rate, bounce rate, opens, clicks and what links people clicked on so you can see the effectiveness of the campaign.

All email campaigns require prepayment

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