Email List Rentals

How do email list rentals work with Negev Direct?

You provide the HTML content you want to be emailed out and we get it cleared with the email list(s) owners to make sure they are OK with your campaign. 

Content & creative format requirements: An HTML file (not the code itself) with the links active and the images hosted, sent to us as an attachment to an email is best of course.  We can also modify a JPG, GIF, PSD, PDF although quality may not be as clear as HTML.

We will send you a few examples of the format we need on request.

Email design size requirements: There are no fixed sizes (for almost any email list), however we recommend: width: 600 – 1000 pixels + length: any length but we suggest no more than 1,000 pixels.

You give us the subject line you want as this point too. 

The publisher sends a test email out to make sure your content looks and functions correctly.

Test email goes out and if it’s approved we lock in the date for the final campaign. If it needs changes, that is usually up to you and your team to change as needed so it looks and functions as it should and re-send us a new copy then a new test will be sent.

Once the final email gets sent you will get stats on how the email performed including opens and clicks.

If you have any questions along the way we’re here to help!

All email campaigns require pre-payment via PayPal with a 4% PayPal fee added.

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