Email List Rentals

The 7 steps of renting an email list with Negev Direct Marketing:

  1. Email us the creative as a web-based document as an attachment to an email so we can get your email approved by the list owner.
  2. If the creative is approved we will then set a date for the final email campaign to be sent out.
  3. We will need pre-payment by a faxed copy of a check or by credit card on Paypal (5% added for Paypal payments to cover Paypal fees).
  4. We will get the subject line and up to three emails that you’d like tests to go out to from you.
  5. A test email will be sent out to make sure the email looks and functions properly.
  6. If the test is approved, we are set to email out the final campaign. If there are problems with the initial test, you work with your designer to fix them. When they are fixed we send out a new test email.
  7. Once the final email gets sent you will get stats on how the email performed including opens and clicks.

If you have any questions along the way we’re here to help.

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