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How do you stay connected with visitors after they click on to their next destination?

In a world where there are more Jewish non-profits than ever before, it’s a constant challenge to come up with strategies to acquire new donors. If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that people will be visiting other websites beside yours.

Retargeting Ads keep your organization in the minds of your prospective donors.

Retargeting Advertising for Nonprofits: How it Works

Have you ever visited a company’s website only to find that you are suddenly seeing their ads on lots of other sites you visit? That’s Retargeting.

So how does it work? Well, when you hit a certain page on a company’s website (the donation page for instance) that company will place a cookie in your browser that “tells” the ad networks across the web to show you that company’s ads. That’s why it seems like suddenly the company is following you around the web.

Under 8% of donors actually contribute on their first visit to a donation pageRetargeting engages the other 92%.

Non-profits can use Retargeting ads to boost the chances of converting visitors that have left the donation page into actual donors later on. Your message follows a prospective donor around the internet. Your organization will stay in mind, increasing the chances that the visitor will return to your site and complete the gift.

Retargeting is a strategy to attract people back onto your own site.

Audience Extension

Audience Extension allows you to reach out to highly targeted potential donors that match the demographics of you current donors. In Audience Extension, web publishers embed code that allows them to identify visitors to their sites. This code allows Negev Direct to target the site’s visitors when they visit premium sites across the internet. Through Audience Extension, publishers can track their website visitors and show your ads to that audience on various sites as they continue browsing.

For example, if your target audience is readers, you can reach out to them on many of the other sites they visit online such as CNN, The New York Times and other websites.

Let’s use the Times of Israel website (TOI) as an example. The TOI email list has 136k subscribers but many, many more readers. You can extend the TOI audience you can reach to all readers of TOI.

This gives you the ability to reach literally millions of TOI readers by using ad impressions to TOI readers instead of just targeting the much smaller base of TOI email subscribers.

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