List Brokerage

The key to a successful mailing is reaching the right audience with your message, and that means mailing to the right lists. You may have the best products or the strongest fundraising appeal – but if you mail to the wrong people you are wasting both your time and money.

At Negev Direct Marketing we know that finding the best lists is not a matter of luck. It takes knowledge, skill and the willingness to do serious research.

Before we recommend a list to you we check it out thoroughly. We don’t hesitate to ask tough questions of list owners and managers. Source, recency, and a dozen other factors affect the quality of a list.

While lists are only one component of any successful direct mail fundraising campaign, they are easily the single most important element. Our specialty has always been Jewish lists: we’re the recognized experts in this niche market.

Why trust your list selection to any other company?

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