Shekel Begins Trading on Global Markets 05/26/2008

“The shekel will finally become fully convertible in international currency markets this week and will be traded by major commercial banks along with 16 other world currencies following approval by CLS Bank International in…

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Got $1,000,000? 05/19/2008

If you live in the Diaspora and you have a sizable amount of money that you are considering donating, Oudi Recanati of the Jewish Funders Network wants to talk with you before you give.…

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Happy Anniversary 04/24/2008

We just may have a small image issue here. Just look at the results of this recent poll done for the BBC (not exactly a source of pro-Israel material itself). People think more highly…

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Young American Jews Alienated From Israel. NOT! 03/05/2008

For the past several years we have read article after article about this problem, The Jewish youth in North America are becoming more and more alienated from Israel. A real bummer! What to do?…

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