Got $1,000,000? 05/19/2008 Israel
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If you live in the Diaspora and you have a sizable amount of money that you are considering donating, Oudi Recanati of the Jewish Funders Network wants to talk with you before you give.

Oudi is a philanthropists himself and he urges potential Jewish donors to think of Israel first before donating.

Oudi promotes putting donations towards causes within Israel because of a startling discovery he recently made:

“…I discovered that major Jewish donors in the United States give maybe $10-12 billion each year. Only about 6 percent of that goes to with Jewish activities or Israel. That scared me. When I saw that I said, ‘we’re moving away from Judaism and Israel.’ Now when I see an endowment of $100 million given by Jews to Harvard or Stanford, I know others would have given it. But nobody will give to Jewish causes. So I hope American Jews will become part of the Jewish people first and Americans second.”

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