Happy Anniversary

yoav@negevdirect.com 04/24/2008 Israel
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We just may have a small image issue here.

Just look at the results of this recent poll done for the BBC (not exactly a source of pro-Israel material itself).

People think more highly of North Korea than they do of Israel.

Let’s put this in perspective.

North Korea: a Stalinist dictatorship that oppresses and starves its population. It has terrorized it neighbors with nuclear weapons and missile tests and has been caught promoting terrorist activity around the globe while selling its atomic technology to rogue states.

Israel: the only democracy in the Middle East, a loyal ally of the United States and The European Union. Despite fighting 6 wars and an ongoing onslaught of terrorist attacks, it boasts a vibrant economy, a vibrant free press and full participation of its minority populations in the political process.

Israel’s 60th anniversary is coming up on May 8th.

It’s time that we started doing a better job in making our case to the rest of the world.