Fundraising Strategy


Style Over Substance

david 03/31/2008

I recently received what is possibly the worst email blast ever. It was from an organization calling itself the Leadership Yeshiva Academy. What you see is a headline: “A Unique Yeshiva in ISRAEL, Be…

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Putting the Donor First: Blogging Edition

Yoav Kaufman 03/31/2008

Has your non-profit taken the the next step and started posting to a blog? If so, do you find yourself looking for readers and subscribers? The same fundraising principle that advocates putting the donor…

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Get Personal

Yoav Kaufman 03/24/2008

In a recent blog post entitled “Secret shortcut: personal vs. impersonal” Seth Godin says: “Form letters don’t work. Autographs do. Surly cashiers fail. Smiles from real people succeed. Humans like humans. They hate organizations.…

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Why We Give

Yoav Kaufman 03/10/2008

It seems simple, so simple in fact that it may get overlooked. According to Dr. Lenkowsky, Director of Graduate Programs at The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, the most importnat reason why we…

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Thoughts About Size

Yoav Kaufman 03/05/2008

Ever thought that your company or non-profit is just not big enough to be successful in today’s competitive market? Think again. Jason on Signal Vs. Noise found this great quote… If you think you…

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“Small” Donors

david 02/25/2008

Clinton built a top-down fund-raising operation that relied on a core group of donors to write checks early on for the maximum amount, $4,600 for the primary and the general election, which left few…

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Creating Authentic Connections

Yoav Kaufman 02/19/2008

Imagine directly connecting your donors to those who actually benefit from their donations! CEO Matt Flannery has done Just That. Kiva the first Web site to let anyone with a PayPal account donate,…

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Fundraising for the Long Term

Yoav Kaufman 02/05/2008

Chess is a great fundraising analogy. Are you only looking one move ahead or do you have the skills to see two, three or even four moves into the game? Usualy the player that…

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