Get Personal 03/24/2008 "Need to Know" for Jewish non-profits
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In a recent blog post entitled “Secret shortcut: personal vs. impersonal” Seth Godin says:

“Form letters don’t work. Autographs do. Surly cashiers fail. Smiles from real people succeed. Humans like humans. They hate organizations. Do you know what most people want? They want you to care.”

Three things to think about:

– When you receive a donation or one of your volunteers puts in hours of his or her valuable time to help you out, do you follow up with a personal phone call or letter showing your appreciation?

– Have you ever offered to meet with your donor base in a one to one setting to get their reactions and suggestions to some of your latest projects?

– Do you strive to make everyone who supports you feel appreciated on an individual level?

Yoav Kaufman