“Need to Know” for Jewish non-profits


USPS Direct Mail Ad-On Options

negevadmin 03/07/2022

Enhance Your Business Marketing Mail Ways to Create Actionable Mail Share Mail® Share Mail uses direct mail to create social networking style word-of-mouth recommendations. Use Intelligent Mail® barcodes (IMb®) technology to collect postage Offer Picture…

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Direct Mail Costs and Concerns

negevadmin 02/16/2022

Mailers had 2 postage increases in 2021 and more on the horizon. What are some good ways for them to keep costs under control from your POV? Morgan DiGiorgio : Well, I think it’s all…

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Word Counts

negevadmin 02/01/2022

“According to statistics from the Who’s Mailing What!’ database, the word count in #directmail they’ve tracked has declined by 62%. Yes — you read that correctly.” “Why is this happening? Some of the trend can be…

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Email Can Turn Subscribers Into Donors

negevadmin 06/16/2020

Almost 4 billion people worldwide use email. It has become a very effective method for keeping supporters informed, building brand awareness, mobilizing people to join advocacy efforts and yes, fundraising. Email can turn subscribers into…

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