“Need to Know” for Jewish non-profits


New Featured Client!

Yoav Kaufman 02/05/2023

Negev Direct extends a warm welcome to OurCrowd as a new featured client. About OurCrowd: OurCrowd was started in 2013, driven by the idea that the business of building startups grows bigger and better…

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Negev Direct Celebrates its 32rd Year of Service to the Jewish Community

Yoav Kaufman 01/03/2023

2023 marks Negev Direct’s 32nd year of service to the Jewish fundraising community. Thank you for your continued support! We look forward to serving your Jewish nonprofit with its next fundraising campaign. #directmarketing #fundraising #jewishcommunity #nonprofit #listbuilding #mailing #emailmarketing #thankyou #community #marketing

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USPS Direct Mail Ad-On Options

negevadmin 03/07/2022

Enhance Your Business Marketing Mail Ways to Create Actionable Mail Share Mail® Share Mail uses direct mail to create social networking style word-of-mouth recommendations. Use Intelligent Mail® barcodes (IMb®) technology to collect postage Offer Picture…

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Direct Mail Costs and Concerns

negevadmin 02/16/2022

Mailers had 2 postage increases in 2021 and more on the horizon. What are some good ways for them to keep costs under control from your POV? Morgan DiGiorgio : Well, I think it’s all…

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Word Counts

negevadmin 02/01/2022

“According to statistics from the Who’s Mailing What!’ database, the word count in #directmail they’ve tracked has declined by 62%. Yes — you read that correctly.” “Why is this happening? Some of the trend can be…

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