A Common Misunderstanding in Jewish Nonprofit Fundraising

There’s is a misunderstanding in the #Jewish #nonprofit #fundraising world. We usually see this with smaller orgs. and or orgs. that don’t do a lot of direct mail fundraising.

These are the orgs. that want to run 1 direct mail fundraising campaign and make their money back and more.

In our 30+ years of fundraising experience, we’ve found that measuring success in direct mail fundraising needs to be a long term metric. Direct mail fundraising success is measured by the amount of donors acquired over the long term, not the donations given in any 1 mailing.

#Directmail mail is very good at bringing in new donors over years and years who are cultivated into long term prospects. That’s how direct mail works. That’s how direct mail is successful.


1. Measure direct mail success over years (sometimes decades) of campaigns, not on one single campaign.

2. Long term donor growth with the potential to expand in involvement and donations is the goal. Not making money back and more over 1 campaign.

Good luck!

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