Style Over Substance 03/31/2008 "Need to Know" for Jewish non-profits, Direct Mail Basics
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I recently received what is possibly the worst email blast ever.

It was from an organization calling itself the Leadership Yeshiva Academy.
What you see is a headline: “A Unique Yeshiva in ISRAEL, Be a Jewish Leader”
Followed by this: “Find Out if You Are the Chosen One”
Then you can see this short video which is a really bad takeoff on The Matrix movies with some Men In Black thrown in.
It’s supposed to be fun and interesting and get your attention.
But in the end, you never quite understand what the institution does.
Or even worse, what it wants you to do.
It could be a recruitment ad for future students. It could be a fundraising appeal.
Whoever made this spent about 99% of their time getting the style just right.
What happened to the message?
It got lost.
Don’t make this mistake.  Please.
David Rubin