CEOs – Pay at the Top 04/06/2009 "Need to Know" for Jewish non-profits, Business Strategy
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Today’s includes a telling breakdown of  today’s top paid CEO’s and their salaries from 2007 and 2008.  The chart also  includes the companies reported revenues from the same two years.

Not surprisingly, many of the top CEOs salaries continued to increase, while company revenues decreased!!

After looking at the salary chart I had to wonder….

Could any Jewish non-profit withstand a year (or more) of negative revenues while their Executive Director’s salary spiraled upwardly out of control??!!

My gut reaction is nooooooo way!

This is a very dangerous business model and I would encourage Jewish non-profits to take note of this trend and make sure that everyone in their organization, from top to bottom, is being compensated fairly not only on a personal level, but on an organizational level as well.

On a positive note, my deep respect goes out to Apple CEO Steve Jobs who raked in a very modest $100,000 in salary when Apple’s 2008 revenue in was a whopping $32,479,000,000…. an increase in revenue of 38% from 2007!!

You can see the entire list of CEOs and their compensation from the article by clicking here.