Business Strategy


Direct Mail Costs and Concerns

negevadmin 02/16/2022

Mailers had 2 postage increases in 2021 and more on the horizon. What are some good ways for them to keep costs under control from your POV? Morgan DiGiorgio : Well, I think it’s all…

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Life Moves Fast. Too Fast Sometimes.

Yoav Kaufman 07/25/2013

I was thinking a lot today about slowing down everything we do in our lives.  We live in such a fast paced environment which can lead to accidents, unfinished products, ideas that are not…

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“Jewish Business Ethics: Proper Marketing and Selling”

Yoav Kaufman 04/24/2013

Source: Author: Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz “There is a famous business concept called caveat emptor (buyer beware). In secular society, as long as a seller does not blatantly lie or actively conceal a defect,…

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