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Way Too Much Information!

Yoav Kaufman 01/29/2009

Some non-profit web sites can be over designed or just badly designed. See https://www.webpagesthatsuck.com/worst-nonprofit-web-sites-of-2007.html for some the top 10 worst non-profit web sites of 2007! Are these cases of design by committee, a lack…

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Google Online Ads Take Off in Israel!

Yoav Kaufman 01/26/2009

Google Israel had a sales turnover of $100 million in 2008, half from ads targeting the domestic market. Israeli advertisers spent $50 million on search-based advertising targeting the domestic market in Google Israel in…

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Blog Quote

Yoav Kaufman 01/21/2009

“In terms of straight out fundraising, the usage numbers [for social-networking sites] just aren’t there today, especially when looked at in the context of how most folks actually use the sites. In 2009, I can think…

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Why your non-profit should be blogging

Yoav Kaufman 01/12/2009

“…blogging is one of the most affordable online marketing tactics to acquire new business (or donors).” -Compendium Blogware CEO & Co-Founder Chris Baggott

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How Many Hours Does Social Media Take?

Yoav Kaufman 11/25/2008

A recent study by The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth’s Center for Marketing Research showed that: “Seventy-five percent of the charitable organizations studied are using some form of social media including blogs, podcast  message boards, social networking, video…

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Counting Clicks

Yoav Kaufman 11/18/2008

Thanks to Direct Magazine for this interesting bit about online ad campaigns. The impact of online advertising campaigns is significantly greater than a typical .10% click through rate would suggest, according to research data…

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Another Jewish Philanthropy Revolution?

Yoav Kaufman 11/18/2008

This JPost.com headline caught my attention this morning: “JGooders seeks Jewish philanthropy revolution.” JGooders is a new “on-line philanthropic arena that’s relevant to this global generation.” The biggest [Jewish] organizations understand that this is…

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Out Teaching the Competition Jason Fried at BIF-4

Yoav Kaufman 11/16/2008

Click to Play “Jason Fried is the founder and CEO of 37signals. Fried is a passionate leader in the field of simple, clear, and elegant web-based user interface design. He spearheaded the concept, design,…

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