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Direct Mail Costs and Concerns

web3D_offcesups 02/16/2022

Mailers had 2 postage increases in 2021 and more on the horizon. What are some good ways for them to keep costs under control from your POV? Morgan DiGiorgio : Well, I think it’s all…

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Negev Direct’s 13th Year Blog Anniversary

web3D_offcesups 01/14/2021

January 2008 – January 2021 means that Negev Direct has been bringing you blog posts for the last 13 years in a row! Thank YOU for your continued support. If you do enjoy our…

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The Negev is Blooming… in Hi-Tech

web3D_offcesups 07/11/2016

Negev Direct Marketing is located in the heart of the Negev Region of Israel… in Beersheva. We’ve been headquartered here for over 12 years now and in just the last 12 years our city…

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9 reasons why marketers should use Pinterest

web3D_offcesups 02/21/2012

9 reasons why marketers should use Pinterest. If you are a community manager, early adopter or social media enthusiast, then the business value of Pinterest may be obvious to you. However, everyone else in…

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Charity Navigator Gives…And takes Away

web3D_offcesups 09/26/2011

Charity Navigator has a somewhat controversial rating system for charities awarding stars to measure the financial health, viability and transparency of charities. A new updates rating system has resulted in ratings changes for over…

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