Fundraising Strategy


Challenge (don’t underestimate) your Donors 12/04/2008

When was the last time you issued a challenge to your donors? Not a challenge in a adversarial way, but in a friendly “we respect you and want your input” way. For example what…

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Out Teaching the Competition Jason Fried at BIF-4 11/16/2008

Click to Play “Jason Fried is the founder and CEO of 37signals. Fried is a passionate leader in the field of simple, clear, and elegant web-based user interface design. He spearheaded the concept, design,…

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Key Concept 10/28/2008

“Make sure donors who do withdraw their support for economic reasons are still communicated with and are being shown appreciation. Most will return IF ASKED when times get better.” Dan Brown, from: The ejewishphilanthropy…

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Are You Addicted? 09/16/2008

I just got back from two and half weeks of vacationing in Brazil and had an amazing time. I think I checked my email a total of two times the entire two and a…

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The Key to Success 07/09/2008

It’s easy to let an opportunity pass you by. My attitude is simple: You are always in the right place at the right time. But what are you doing about it? It could be…

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