Are You Addicted? 09/16/2008 Fundraising Strategy
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I just got back from two and half weeks of vacationing in Brazil and had an amazing time.

I think I checked my email a total of two times the entire two and a half weeks!

At first I thought that checking in on my email would be something I wanted and needed to do. Guess what? I was wrong! I actually enjoyed being off the grid and away from news and emails.

I was fortunate in that I had a colleague who was able to check my emails in my absence. Many thanks to David Rubin who did me a huge favor by keeping an eye on my work email box and many more thanks to David for answering the important ones.

As far as my personal email account went, here are the rough stats of what I found after not checking my email for a week:

350 emails in my inbox. 20 or so emails that really needed my response and that I really cared about!

I really wonder how much time we waste everyday sorting through emails that really need our attention and contrast that figure with how much of that time we could use on other more worthy causes like spending time with friends and family!

I always say that there is a huge difference between an email I receive from a Jewish cause that I am interested in Vs. an email trying to sell me the latest and greatest fake Rolex. My favorite spam subject line at the moment is: “The best replica watch deals in the universe”. Really, the best deals not only on earth but in the universe! I’ll have to check that out some day….not!

Still with my anti-spam programs in place, why am getting emails from spammers that clog up my email account… every single day!

If anyone out there knows of a better way to block unwanted spam emails other than the standard Norton anti-spam program please give me a buzz, shoot me an email or leave a comment on this post…. because G-d only knows how much time that I waste on checking my email every day that could be used for other more worthy causes.

Hat tip to Denny Hatch’s Business Common Sense for the inspiration. Here’s the quote from the article that set this post in motion…

“E-mail Addiction: Five Signs You Need HelpAre you addicted to e-mail?

Study finds the odds are good you checked your e-mail within the last 15 minutes.

Here are five warning signs. Quick: When’s the last time you checked your e-mail? If you’re like most Americans, the answer is likely within the last 15 minutes–even if you’re not at work. And if you carry a PDA in your pocket, your problem is probably far worse.

Some doctors estimate more than 11 million people have e-mail habits that interfere with their lives. Are you one of them? Forming a deep relationship with your inbox can eat away at your real-life relationships–you know, the ones with your friends, kids, or significant other … those people you used to converse with face-to-face.”

–JR Raphael, PC World Blogger, Sept. 10, 2008

From Denny Hatch’s Business Common Sense.