David Ben Gurion Quote

Yoav Kaufman 02/24/2014

David Ben Gurion quote about the people of the Negev. #negev #israel — Yoav Kaufman (@yoavkaufman) February 23, 2014

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“For a Dead Guy, He Throws a Great Party”

Yoav Kaufman 01/05/2010

From: Full article here “Jack Greenberg, of Symmes Township, throws himself one heck of a birthday party every year: lunch and limousine service for 37 friends and their guests, a nice speech about…

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Yoav Kaufman 12/30/2009

“REWORK” The new must read book by my well respected high school friend, Jason Fried of the Chicago based software design firm 37Signals. The book is not in stores yet, but you can get…

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Are You Addicted?

Yoav Kaufman 09/16/2008

I just got back from two and half weeks of vacationing in Brazil and had an amazing time. I think I checked my email a total of two times the entire two and a…

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Welcome Back

Yoav Kaufman 09/05/2008

Probably a lot of you have felt the absence of Yoav Kaufman from our offices over the past two weeks. I know I have. Yoav is not on a only a first-rate list manager…

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Yoav Kaufman 09/01/2008

Life isn’t just about direct marketing. Kudos to our President, Chana Rubin, on the printing of the 2nd edition of her book “Food For The Soul, Traditional Jewish Wisdom for Healthy Eating†only five months following…

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