“Thereu2019s More Than One Channel on TV, Too, Right?”

yoav@negevdirect.com 05/05/2009 "Need to Know" for Jewish non-profits, Fundraising Strategy, web 2.0
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“No matter what you’ve heard, direct mail and online are not mortal enemies. Street fights haven’t broken out about whether a non-machinable flat can trounce a green “donate now†button – yet.

Actually, direct mail and online fundraising are best when integrated. And one way to effectively nudge donors online would be to incorporate links into your direct mail, according to Valerie Lambert, assistant director of development at Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth in Baltimore.

Lambert presented her tips about moving donors online at the 46th annual Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) international fundraising conference in New Orleans:

  • Email addresses. Ask donors for email addresses on direct mail reply cards. That way you can continue conversations with them online and offline.
  • Links. Try to create unique links to help track what communications are working the best to drive donors online.
  • Placement. A donor’s eye might be drawn to the online link if you place it close to the suggested donation amounts or payment information. You may even want to try placing online link information on the outer envelope. Test where links work best on your direct mail pieces.”
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