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Weinberg Foundation Announces Donation Levels

Yoav Kaufman 08/06/2009

Weinberg Foundation announces donation levels: The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation announced that it would give out more than $200 million over the next two years, including some $21 million in new grants over…

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NextMark Releases 2Q 09 Data Card Quality Report

Yoav Kaufman 07/12/2009

Negev Direct’s 2Q 09 Nextmark Rankings: Ranking for 100-249 Titles Catagory: 16 Data Card Score This Qtr: 95.3  Data Card Score Last Qtr: 95.1  Data Card Score Change: +0.1%  # of Titles on the…

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Online Fundraising: Slow To Develop

Yoav Kaufman 07/06/2009

Thanks to eJewish Phialanthropy and our old friend and direct mail maven Chuck Pruitt for this interesting set of factoids on the “Email vs Snail Mail” debate. Fact: The growth of online fundraising is…

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NextMark Releases 1Q09 Data Card Quality Report

Yoav Kaufman 04/23/2009

Nextmark’s 1st Quarter 2009 data card ranking are out! Here’s how Negev Direct Marketing’s data cards stacked up to the competition… – Negev Direct’s average data card score is 95.1% out of 100%. – Negev Direct…

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Summer Postage Sale?

Yoav Kaufman 04/23/2009

Thanks to Direct! for this breaking story… The U.S. Postal Service has offered more details on its proposed summer postage rollback — including who is eligible and how discounts will be calculated — according to…

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Postal Rates to Rise (Yet Again)

Yoav Kaufman 02/11/2009

Standard Mail and standard nonprofit rates will increase an average of 3.8% in May, in keeping with legal limits established under the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act. Standard Mail was previously knows as Third…

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“Can Volunteers Be a Lifeline for Nonprofit Groups?”

Yoav Kaufman 01/25/2009

By KELLEY HOLLAND Published: January 24, 2009 from the “TIMES are certainly tough on Wall Street, and the automakers are suffering as well. But consider the hardships that nonprofit organizations are enduring. Sean…

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CAJE possibly closing up shop

Yoav Kaufman 01/12/2009

This just in regarding the possible closure of CAJE – The Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education, a well respected Jewish non-profit founded in the 70’s. From the eJewishPhilanthropy blog, by Dan Brown,…

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