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Postal Rates Prediction for 2009

Yoav Kaufman 10/30/2008

Dan G. Blair, Chairman of the Postal Regulatory Commission, offers his insider prognostication on future postal rate increses: “It appears that the average increase for each class of mail will be approximately 5%. The…

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Choosing A List Broker

Yoav Kaufman 08/19/2008

Some quick tips on what to look for in a list broker: Experience: Do they have it? Do they have it in your market segment? Knowledge: Experience isn’t the whole package. Do they really…

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Choosing Lists

Yoav Kaufman 08/05/2008

In a perfect world, choosing the right lists would be easy. But it’s not a perfect world. There are many factors that can influence list performance. First of all, in most cases a direct…

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Rentals vs. Exchanges

Yoav Kaufman 08/03/2008

List rentals are the one time-use of a list at a set fee (also know as the base price). There may be additional charges, such as fees for selects and shipping. The price is…

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List Broker Vs. List Manager

Yoav Kaufman 08/01/2008

This is elementary stuff, but it is worth explaining. What’s the difference between a list broker and a list manager? Most people, and that includes some people working in this business, don’t really know.…

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Is Direct Mail Dead? – Part II

Yoav Kaufman 07/09/2008

It seems to be the “in” thing these days say that direct mail is dying, technology is taking over and no one will ever want or need to open their mail box to get…

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Negev Direct Makes Nextmark’s Top 50!

Yoav Kaufman 06/26/2008

Negev Direct has broken into the top 50 list managers for data card quality. In the category of “Top List Mangers For Data Card Quality (100 – 249 Titles)”, Negev Direct ranked #23 with…

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Direct Mail Fun Fact

Yoav Kaufman 06/18/2008

On June 10, 1902, in Chicago, window envelopes were first patented by the wonderfully named Americus F. Callahan. His patent described the windows as “holes†for looking at the paper inside, and he noted…

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Is Direct Mail Dead?

david 02/04/2008

Not yet. That’s the short answer, but not the entire answer. Marketing Guru and all-around innovative thinker, Seth Godin (see Seth’s Blog at ) thinks direct mail is dying. With all due respect…

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