Direct Mail Basics


Award-Winning Consultants

web3D_offcesups 07/29/2010

Lautman Maska Neill & Company is proud that three campaigns – which successfully raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for three wonderful organizations – were awarded Silver Maxis by the Direct Marketing Association of…

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Memorial Day 2010

web3D_offcesups 05/26/2010

For many, it’s simply the beginning of summer. But for the members of  the Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America Memorial Day is a time to remember and commemorate the military service,…

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Bad Marketing

web3D_offcesups 04/06/2010

We’ve all seen it. But every once in a while a particularly egregious example crosses our desk. So let’s learn a lesson from someone else’s mistake. Let’s say that you are about to launch…

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Snail Mail – Not Dead Yet

web3D_offcesups 01/21/2010

At least according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal. They call it Snail Mail in the article, a term that I have come to loathe, but am willing to overlook when…

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Startup Nation

web3D_offcesups 11/08/2009

That headline, believe it or not, refers to Israel, and also serves as the title of a new book by Dan Senor and Saul Singer. Start Up Nationaddress the trillion dollar question: How is…

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Being of Service

web3D_offcesups 09/30/2009

What email message do I write most often? I receive so many emails and spend much of my time in the office writing to clients and vendors. Much of our business involves problem solving.…

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Cutting Donor Acquisition? Read This First.

web3D_offcesups 08/26/2009

When times are tough, budgets get cut. But, while cutting acquisition may look sensible now, the pain will come in two to three years. Why? Because that’s when acquisition-acquired donors move from break-even to…

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Great Product Copy – Part 1

web3D_offcesups 06/28/2009

This is a post from my new blog that I thought would be particularly relevant for the Jewish Donor Blog audience. Enjoy! Ever pick up a product you’ve never heard of, read the…

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