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Here’s a question that you have probably never asked yourself:
Is turkey Kosher?
Which is actually a legitimate question in Halacha (Jewish Law) because there is no ancient tradition of eating turkey. It’s not mentioned in the Bible or the Mishna or Talmud.

In fact, Jews were introduced to turkey as a food a mere (in Jewish time) 250 years ago.
The short answer is, yes, turkey has been accepted by almost all Jewish authorities as a Kosher bird.
For the long answer and a full discussion of the matter, we refer you to and an article byRabbi Ari Z. Zivotofsky, Ph.D.
In Israel we don’t celebrate either American or Canadian Thanksgiving(s), but many immigrants from both the US and Canada do eat turkey around this time. Our family custom is to have Thanksgiving-style food on the Shabbat immediately following Thanksgiving.
Enjoy the holiday.
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