Pesach 2014 04/07/2014


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When Bibi Met Obama 03/30/2010

Whatever your political opinions are, you’ll find this funny. Thanks to Yaakov (Bones) Kirschen who has managed to live in Israel since 1971 and maintain a sense of humor the entire time. I knew…

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Don’t Ever Forget the Basics 03/02/2010

Just saw this really funny video via Jeff Brooks Future Fundraising Now Blog. Jeff points out in his “Turns out disasters aren’t especially funny” post that a well known celeb picking up your cause…

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Purim Fun In Beersheva 02/28/2010

It’s Purim 5770 today in Beersheva as it is in most all of Israel and the Diaspora.  In honor of the topsy-turvy nature of the holiday: remembering a serious crisis in Jewish history while…

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Meetings 02/17/2010

You could sit in meetings all day or you could get some actual work done. Unfortunately we know way to many Jewish non-profits that prefer to sit in meetings all day instead of actually…

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The Thanksgiving Blog 11/24/2009

Before Here’s a question that you have probably never asked yourself: Is turkey Kosher? Which is actually a legitimate question in Halacha (Jewish Law) because there is no ancient tradition of eating turkey. It’s…

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