Giving Donors Choices

It’s a good idea, but only if it’s done correctly.

You absolutely don’t want to give someone so many choices that they get confused and lose interest, but a website that does a good job of giving donors choices is
Donors Choose, a website that supports the poverty stricken classrooms of children of U.S. military troops, does a good job of giving donors choices in the right way.
If you choose to donate money on their site you get to choose were your money goes and that’s a good thing!
You get to choose from a variety of different school classrooms that are in a poverty situation and you also get to read a first hand a description, written by the teachers, about the classroom itself and what the classrooms actual needs are.
Remember: Too many choices can often be confusing and a turn off to potential donors, but give a donor the right type of choices and you will open the door to a new type of donor… those who want to give and participate in your organization!