Complex Solutions to Simple Problems

How do you open a can?

Do you use a can opener or do you convene a family meeting to discuss the issue?

I’m guessing you just reach for the can opener because it is the simplest, easiest, quickest way to open the can. You don’t have to involve lots of other people who have better things to do and it gets the job done.

Does anyone else share my impression that many Jewish fundraising organizations like to take the complex route when solving simple fundraising problems?

We’ve all seen this sort of thing, and I speak from experience, having worked in Jewish fundraising for the past 22 years.

Some real examples (names omitted to protect the guilty):

The CEO who insists on personally editing every fundraising letter for punctuation. Project time lost: 1 week.

The Director of Development who needs to do a mailing but can’t find the time to give you any details. Project time lost: 2 months.

The Assistant Director who chooses the lists for each mailing based on an arcane formula which cannot be explained to anyone else. Project time lost: 10 days.

Endless, pointless meetings. Project time lost: incalculable.

Can these problems be solved? Yes.

If you hire a professional fundraising consultant or a list broker, just let us do our jobs. Don’t do our jobs for us.

Think of us as your can opener.

We’re quick, efficient and we get the job done.

Project time lost: none.

David Rubin