Jewish Nonprofit


Mind the Gap

web3D_offcesups 05/11/2008

There exists a broad generational leadership gap within many Jewish organizations, large and small. This gap, and how well we handle the transition, will have a profound effect on the future of Jewish fundraising.…

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Jewish War Veterans – JWV

web3D_offcesups 05/05/2008

Day 6: Jewish War Veterans – JWV Web Site: JWV’s Mission (from the JWV web site): We, citizens of the United States of America, of the Jewish faith, who served in the Wars…

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The OR Movement

web3D_offcesups 05/02/2008

Day 5: The OR Movement Web site in English: About The OR Movement (from the OR Movement web site): The OR Movement’s mission is to populate and develop the Negev and the Galilee regions…

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Masorti – The Conservative Movement in Israel

web3D_offcesups 05/01/2008

Day 4: Masorti Web site: About Masorti (from the Masorti web site): MASORTI, meaning traditional, is the Hebrew name for the movement of Conservative Judaism in Israel. The Masorti Movement, founded in 1979,…

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American Friends of Hebrew University – AFHU

web3D_offcesups 04/30/2008

Day 3: American Friends of Hebrew University Web site: About American Friends of Hebrew University’s (from the AFHU web site): American Friends of The Hebrew University (AFHU) is a national, not-for-profit organization which…

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Honest Reporting

web3D_offcesups 04/29/2008

Day 2: Honest Reporting web site: Honest Reporting’s mission (from the Honest Reporting web site): Israel is in the midst of a battle for public opinion – waged primarily via the media. To…

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ZOA – Zionist Organization of America

web3D_offcesups 04/28/2008

Over the next week, in Honor of Israel’s 60th anniversary, we will be posting about Jewish organizations that fundraise and support Israel. Six organizations in Six Days (no post on Saturday). Day 1: Zionist…

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Money Trail

web3D_offcesups 01/29/2008

Ever wonder where your donated money goes once you given to your favorite organization? Kol Hakavod to the creative minds at the Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley for producing this fun cartoonabout where your…

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