Direct Mail in the Time of Corona is Working Well 09/06/2020

I've been hearing from consultants we work with in the industry & from Jewish non-profits themselves that direct mail in the time of Corona is working well. In fact, better than usual since most…

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The Negev is Blooming… in Hi-Tech 07/11/2016

Negev Direct Marketing is located in the heart of the Negev Region of Israel… in Beersheva. We’ve been headquartered here for over 12 years now and in just the last 12 years our city…

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WETA in DC is looking for a data-geek to join their team 06/16/2015

WETA, the flagship public broadcasting station in DC is looking for a data-geek to join their team. Details: Manager, Data Strategy & Management (DSM): WETA, Washington DC’s leading public broadcasting station, is looking for…

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Reasons to be Cautious Yet Optimistic 03/01/2010

More and more of the news I’m reading about the economy is positive for the first time in a while. Non-profits are slowly but surely beginning to hire staff again. We are also seeing…

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