Reasons to be Cautious Yet Optimistic 03/01/2010 "Need to Know" for Jewish non-profits, U.S. Economy
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More and more of the news I’m reading about the economy is positive for the first time in a while.

Non-profits are slowly but surely beginning to hire staff again. We are also seeing more Jewish orgs get back to where they were three or so years ago in terms of fundraising acquisition.

(The economic recovery formula?–>>>)

Less doom and gloom and more reasons not to loose your cool.

If more non-profits had just cut back instead of cut out their fundraising efforts they might not be looking at such a steep hill to climb in order to get back to where they were, but hey, it’s always easier to run with the herd.

We’re not out of the woods yet, especially with the still higher that usual U.S. unemployment numbers, but for the first time in a while the picture looks just a little but brighter… if you know where to look.

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