Renting Your List Out 08/07/2008 Direct Mail Basics
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It’s always nice to make money.

And making money is the point of renting out your list.

While list rental revenue will never make you rich or provide financial security to your organization, it can help defray the costs of direct mail acquisition.

If your list is particularly large and works well for other organizations, you can, over time, generate a nice steady income. We have several clients who have made well into the mid-six-figure range over the past decade.

One of the great joys of working as a list manager has been writing hefty quarterly checks to worth Jewish organizations.

Some organizations are fearful of renting their lists. Here are some common myths and some rational answers to them:

Another organization will steal our names. Fact: all lists orders are seeded with unique decoy names which are tracked by the list manager. This allows the manager to detect any unauthorized use of the list.

My donors will burn out from receiving too many mailings. Fact: “your†donors are already on many other lists and receive lots of mail. They are not loyal to your organization because it is the only solicitation they receive.

My list is unique. No other organization has the names we do. Fact: every person on your list is on several other lists. If you don’t rent your names out, mailers will just go on to the next best list to get the names they need.

Jewish mailers are always looking for new names to mail. If you have a list, now would be a good time to consider renting it out.