Let Us Give Thanks

Yoav Kaufman 11/21/2011 Fun, Shameless Self Promotion, Tip of the Day, U.S. Economy
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It’s almost Thanksgiving, but Israel is number one.
In turkey consumption.
For years, Israel has led the world in per-capita consumption of turkey meat. The contest hasn’t even been close.
Israelis consume an average of more than 20 kg. of turkey meat per year, the next-highest consumers, Americans, eat just under 8 kg. per person. The same goes for turkey as a percentage of poultry consumed: In Israel, the figure is more than 20 percent, while in the US that figure stands at roughly 15%, and in Europe it is only about 5%.
Enjoy the Holiday!
          We Eat Turkey Shwarma                                                                                                                                        You Eat Roast Turkey