Jewish Donor Blog: Purim Edition! 03/20/2008 Fun, Jewish Holidays
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It’s Purim! Chag Samayach!!

In the spirit of Purim I want to include a posting that is a litle lighter than the usual hard hitting stuff that find on J.D.B.. If you are a big fan of basketball and March Madness like myself you will get a laugh out of this!
Direct from the Jewish Humor web site , here is a Purim TOP TEN list…
TOP TEN Reasons the NCAA Tournament Needs to Be On Purim!
10. Stomping/Air Horns/ when hearing opponents name is normal
9. Queen Esther taught us when entered into a contest, never doubt the underdog
8. 64 different uniforms make for a good costume party
7. The tourney feels as long as the megillah
6. Binge drinking every round now a mitzvah
5. Will definitely invest your Matanos Levyonim cash into a NCAA pool
4. Sitting on your couch for 3 hours with friends, over-drinking/eating, screaming, making jokes…sounds like an awesome NCAA/sudeah to me
3. On Purim, all your prayers are answered, including ones involving St. Joeseph’s going all the way
2. Somebody will get unseated, dethrone, upset,
1. Misha Nichnas March, Marbim B’Madness
Yoav Kaufman