Integrity and Honesty in Fundraising

Is your mission and programming what your donors expect it to be?
If the answer is no, then it may be time to look in the mirror and see why you’ve had a sudden change of heart.
If you as a donor are going to give your hard earned money to someone or something, wouldn’t it be nice and even the expectation that you know what activities and what policy that money will be going towards?
In politics as well, where the norm is to promise one thing before getting elected and produce something totally different after power is in hand, it seems we need at least some form of integrity before money changes hands.
The following is an Interesting article on Obama’s sudden change of heart on his Israel policy and how he is leaving many of his Jewish donors wondering why they supported him in the first place.

“Jewish donors may be chilled by Israel policy”

By: Alexander Bolton
“High-profile Jewish Democrats say President Barack Obama has risked an important bloc of voters because of recent tension with Israel.
Obama’s most outspoken Democratic critic is former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, who campaigned for Obama in Florida during the 2008 election.
Koch said if Obama asked him to do it again he would not, because of the administration’s harsh criticism of Israel in recent days.
“When I decided to vote for Obama, I said he was as strong in his support for the state of Israel and security as John McCain,†Koch said, in reference to the 2008 GOP presidential nominee and Arizona senator. “But I was wrong when it came to equating Obama with McCain on Israel.â€