FLAME – Facts & Logic About the Middle East is a NEW Negev Direct Managed List


FLAME – Starting today Facts & Logic About the Middle East is a Negev Direct Marketing manged list!

We look forward to working with FLAME to bring them new donors and help them expand their list rentals and exchanges on the management side.

“FLAME has for over 35 years brought the truth about Israel and the Middle East conflict to the attention of an American public that is mostly uninformed and misinformed about these matters. The media — both print and broadcast — are with few exceptions biased against Israel.”

“FLAME is the only organization that runs paid editorial messages in mainstream media to acquaint the American public with the truth about Israel, the enormous pressures to which the Jewish State is subject, and the great dangers — existential dangers — it would face if it were to yield to these pressures.”

FLAME website: factsandlogic.org

FLAME data card: negevdirect.com/job/flame-facts-and-logic-about-the-middle-east/