Jewish Holidays


The Saddest Day 07/19/2010

Tisha B’Av, the ninth day of the Jewish month of Av is by far the saddest day in the scope of Jewish history. Both the First Temple and the Second Temple were destroyed on…

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The Passover Blog 03/25/2010

Is Coca Cola Kosher? Is it Kosher for Passover? The answer to both questions is yes, thanks to the late Rabbi Tobias Geffen. Born in Kovno Lithuania, he ended up in Atlanta by way…

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Purim Fun In Beersheva 02/28/2010

It’s Purim 5770 today in Beersheva as it is in most all of Israel and the Diaspora.  In honor of the topsy-turvy nature of the holiday: remembering a serious crisis in Jewish history while…

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2009 – A Wild Year For Direct Marketing 12/05/2009

2009 started out with a continuation and amplification of the problems that began in late 2008. Shall we list them? 1) US and European real estate bubbles which triggered… 2) Bank collapses which brought…

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The Thanksgiving Blog 11/24/2009

Before Here’s a question that you have probably never asked yourself: Is turkey Kosher? Which is actually a legitimate question in Halacha (Jewish Law) because there is no ancient tradition of eating turkey. It’s…

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Original Intent 10/04/2009

Source: Tablet Magazine 10.2.09 By: SAMUEL D. GRUBER “A student sukkah project harks back to architecture’s dawn” “Nationwide, the Sukkot holiday and the sukkah building type are undergoing something of a renaissance. Just as…

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