Working Under Pressure

web3D_offcesups 01/23/2009

Working under pressure, whether it’s a quick deadline, a cash crunch or a problematic vendor is always a challenge. For three weeks, starting in late December and ending earlier this week, Beersheva was under daily…

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Big and small donors

web3D_offcesups 01/06/2009

“Big donors always get the press, but there are a lot more little donors in the world. The act is often more important than the gift itself.” – Seth Godin, Seth’s Blog, Dec. 18th,…

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“We are Shrinking”

web3D_offcesups 01/04/2009

“The inescapable conclusion is that, at least in the Diaspora, the Jewish people are in a demographic decline.We are shrinking and becoming older. If nothing dramatic occurs to reverse these trends, it may be…

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“We Serve Customers Not the Economy”

web3D_offcesups 12/17/2008

Ok, so maybe it’s easier to offer business advice when you’re a billionaire… at least if you’re a billionaire who’s name is not Bernie Madoff!! Mr. Eitan Werthheimer, Chairman of Israel’s Iscar company offers…

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True Generosity

web3D_offcesups 12/16/2008

Here’s a thought: Times are tough: make a small donation this week.  $18, $36 whatever you can or even can’t afford. What a show of true generosity and caring it would be if we…

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The Youngest Grocer In America!

web3D_offcesups 12/09/2008 This is the truly inspirational story of a young man in a small town in Minnesota who is working for the betterment of a cause greater than himslef and his family… kind of…

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Creating Authentic Connections

web3D_offcesups 02/19/2008

Imagine directly connecting your donors to those who actually benefit from their donations! CEO Matt Flannery has done Just That. Kiva the first Web site to let anyone with a PayPal account donate,…

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