Back To Basics – Writing 09/07/2008 Direct Mail Basics
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If there is one element in the direct marketing fundraising process that is worth spending extra time and money on, it is writing.

Ironically, this is not only the most important element of your package, it is the one thing that most organizations are hesitant to spend any money on.

Most people can write, but good writing is an art. I can write a blog post but I don’t think I’ll win the Pulitzer Prize anytime soon.

Most great direct marketing copy takes time, diligence and effort to produce.

It weaves a compelling story and not only describes what your organizations does, but…and this is key…it motivates people to donate.

If your next letter starts out with the phrase “As we approach the High Holiday season†you have a big problem on your hands because it sounds like dozens of other letters.

A good direct mail writer will find a unique way to present your organization to potential new donors and have them reaching for their checkbook by the time they have finished.

Of course a good writer will also develop all of the ancillary copy; outer envelope tag line, reply card, inserts as well, so the package is built around a coherent theme.

A great direct mail package is your calling card to tens of thousands of potential new donors. It’s not the place to scrimp or rely on a writer with limited or no experience in direct mail.