Active Jewish Doers & Donors – Telemarketing

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This national list contains the cream-of-the-crop of today’s actively involved Jewish communal leaders. At a time of concern for Jewish continuity and community involvement, these dedicated donors have proven themselves time and again by donating to Jewish charitable and communal causes, museums, schools, and community centers, as well as subscribing to Jewish newspapers and periodicals.

These men and woman are committed to Jewish continuity, make generous donations to a variety of Jewish organizations on a local level and national. They send their children to Jewish schools and travel to Israel.

Avg. income $120,000+



Quantity: 23,936
Pricing: $115/M
Minimum: 5,000
Source: Direct Mail
Updated: Quarterly
Delivery Options FTP/Electronic Transfer- $75/F
Email- $60/F
Selections Gender- $7/M
Geographic- $7/M




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