It Ain’t Always Easy Being Jewish on Campus These Days 11/08/2010 Featured Cause, Inspirational, Israel, Jewish Organizations
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Being Jewish on College campuses isn’t just about getting a degree.

As they head back to campus for another year of hitting the books, this years class of Jewish college students face the monumental task of being Jewish and supporting Israel on campuses that may not be as supportive as we would once expect.

Now more than ever in recent history, Jewish college students face a variety of tough and sometimes veiled challenges from both anti-Israel and anti-semitic groups.  Need proof?  For starters, just look at what happenedlast school year on the UCSD campus.

This video by the JTA’s Adam Soclof from the JTA’s The Telegraph Blog is part interview with Hillel’s President Wayne Firestoneas well as a look into some of the challenges facing Hillel students and staff today.

Hillel International’s webiste: