Focus on the Negev: The New Arava Solar Field 06/05/2011 Inspirational, Israel
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One thing we have plenty of in the Negev almost all year round is sunshine.  That and a pioneering spirit for ingenuity.

Today The Arava Power Co., an Israeli renewable-energy developer, completed its first solar power project on Kibutz Kiturah in the Southern Negev.

In the spirit of David Ben Gurion the Negev continues to bloom.

If you are visiting, just don’t forget to bring your sunglasses.

From today’s
“Arava Completes First Solar-Power Project, Plans 40 More”

“(Israel) has 39 megawatts of installed solar capacity that is connected to the transmission grid and aims to generate 5 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2014.”

“With the right government policy, we will be able to provide more than 400 megawatts of power, and the net equity will be well over $2 billion,†Rosenblatt said by phone from the U.S. “We are actively engaged with the treasury, the finance minister, the infrastructure minister, the regulator and other parties to hopefully influence them to understand that solar for Israel is particularly compelling.â€