Chevy Cruze – Misunderstanding – 2011 Super Bowl Commercial Ad 02/13/2011 Fun, marketing campaigns of interest
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It’s always sort of fun to watch the super-bowl ads with an eye for where the ad dollars are going and what sort of messages are being shown.

The green car movement is one that has begun to take hold here in Israel and even more so in the US. Project Better Place is one example of a company that has plans to green up the market.

I like this Chevy commercial not only because I recently bought a Chevy Cruze myself, but because of the humor. Some say the humor is a bit controversial though I don’t really see that.

The fact that GM is putting their ad dollars towards marketing the new 1.4 eco model of the Cruze that gets 42 mpg is a really good step in the right direction for all the right reasons too if you ask me.

Anyway, I’d love your 2 cents of this ad. Give a look and enjoy.