Fundraising Strategy


ROI’s 2009-2010 Grantees 07/05/2010

From   “We are excited to announce the 35 ROI grantees for 2009-2010.  Our grantees originate from 11 different countries representing ROI cohorts from 2006-2009.  After a long and rigorous selection process, the…

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Facebook it. Tweet it. Tag it with #ish. 06/01/2010

In all fairness I actually know a fair amount of Jewish mechanics, but this is still funny and I can relate. Facebook it. Tweet it. Tag it with #ish. Every #ish earns .25 cents…

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“IDC Students Host Sports Fundraiser for Refugee Students” 05/06/2010

Source: 5.6.10 “The Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, the country’s only higher education institution offering a full English curriculum for undergraduate studies, is also home to five African refugee students. Their fellow students have now…

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The Cleantech Group on Israel 05/03/2010

Your’re probably asking yourself just what the Cleantech Group does. So we’ll let them tell you in their own words: Since 2002, the Cleantech Group has been providing investors, entrepreneurs, and Fortune 1000 global…

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Rating the Charities 04/07/2010

There are several charity rating agencies on the web, the best-known and largest being Charity Navigator. CN looks at a lot of financial data and then rates 5,500 agencies using a 0-4 star system.…

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