Yoav Kaufman

2 Sides of the Coin

Yoav Kaufman 04/18/2010 Inspirational, Tip of the Day
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It’s just past 8:00 PM local time and sirens just wailed to signal the start of Memorial Day, honoring Israel’s 22,000+ fallen soldiers and victims of terror.

 Some of the latter were close friends of mine and you can’t count them on one hand. It takes two.
Tonight and tomorrow will be a day of mourning and ceremonies and visiting graves and remembering. It’s a serious, introspective time.
But then, quite suddenly, Memorial Day ends and Independence day begins. People in the streets, parties, lots of bar-b-cue and deep feeling of happiness and pride in our little country, The State of Israel.
The transition is always jarring. From sadness to joy in a flash.
It’s the essence of our life as Jews returning and rebuilding our homeland.