Using Humorous and Edgy Copy on Your Website. Yes, No or Maybe? 09/20/2013 Uncategorized
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We’re making some changes to the copy on our website, Mostly for SEO purposes. I’m going to add a sentence or two on each list type page to explain what sort of lists are on that page.

My question is whether or not I should use some humorous copy on our website to describe each list type?

Our site is interesting in that we draw both older school B2B direct mail people, some of whom are agencies and consultants. We also draw from a wide range of direct marketers looking to reach the Jewish market.  So really, all in all, we have some new school people and some old schoolers looking at our website.

I want us to be seen as new school and on the front end of the traditional field of direct mail. I don’t think I want to be too edgy in the copy, but I do want to push the envelope just a little bit.

So, let me throw it back at you and ask you: If you were to write a humorous and just a little edgy sentence or two about these four list categories: All Jewish Lists, Jewish Email Lists, Jewish Mailing Lists and Jewish Telemarketing Lists – what would you write?

I like how Marc Pitman, (t:)Ffundraising Coach extraordinaire takes the opportunity to have some fun by describing a new program of his he calls the “Fundraising Kick” as “A Year of Ask Kicking Ideas” – Nice play on words and he winds up pushing the envelope, without going overboard.

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