Jewish Active Sports Participants

Job Details

At last, here’s a large scale comprehensive database of Jewish individuals who are active participants in a wide variety of sporting activities to choose from.

They are fitness conscious, passionate about their sport, and will welcome any offer pertaining to their favorite physical activity.

This list encompasses the gamut of skill levels — from casual players to die-hard fanatics who absolutely love to play hard! Test this hard to find sporting list today.

Sports available:

Baseball – 84,602
Basketball – 82,633
Distance Running – 68,845
Downhill Snow Skiing – 71,874
Fly Fishing – 65,330
Hockey – 70,718
Jogging/Running – 122,392
Martial Arts – 61,889
Soccer – 90,465
Swimming – 223,461
Surfing – 24,014
Tennis – 214,735
Volleyball – 74,006



Quantity: 820465, 0
Pricing: $90/M
Minimum: 5,000
Source: Compiled
Updated: Monthly
Delivery Options FTP/Electronic Transfer- $75/F
Email- $60/F
Selections exact age- $8/M
age range- $5/M
income- $5/M
gender- $5/M
head of houshold- $5/M
marital status- $5/M
presence of children- $5/M
homeowner- $5/M
lenge of residence- $5/M
mail order buyers- $5/M
credit card holders- $5/M
state/scf/zip- $5/M




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