Donor Connexx Jewish Philanthropic Contributors Masterfile

Job Details

Donor Connexx file is a multi-sourced database of charitable giving transactions enriched with key demographic data.
By using critical selection criteria such as donation date or amount and category of organization targeted for contribution, mailers
can fine tune their segmentation by adding demographic elements such as age and income to enrich performance.
The Donor Connexx database is created from actual charitable contributions to a wide group of organizations throughout the United States.
These responsive donors are prime prospects for mailers in the non-profit arena as well as marketers in  merchandise, publishing, and
other areas.

3 Month Donors: 53,045

6 Month Donors: 121,892

3 Month $10+ Donors: 48,753

6 Month $10+ Donors: 112,675



Quantity: 347,994
Pricing: $105/M
Minimum: 5,000
Source: Compiled, Direct Mail
Updated: Monthly
Delivery Options Email- $60/F
FTP- $75/F
Selections Geographic- $10/M
Gender- $10/M
$10+ Donors- $15/M
$5+ Donors- $10/M




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